Welcome to Healthy Eyes for Life, Your Salt Lake City Area Optometrist, Based in West Jordan

Welcome to Healthy Eyes for Life
Your Salt Lake City Optometrist
Based in West Jordan, Utah

Eyes are important indicators of overall health, and comprehensive eye care goes beyond a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. At Healthy Eyes for Life, we take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. Our West Jordan optometrist provides the expert care, advice, options, and follow up you need whether you are a new patient or an existing one.

It is Back-to-School time! Moms and Dads, don't forget to bring your child in for an eye exam!

A comprehensive eye exam is one of the important preparations for children in ensuring that they are set to succeed in the new academic term.  Watch this video to learn how critical an eye exam with a qualitifed optometrist really is in catching vision problems that could hold children back from full achievement.


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From our office in West Jordan, Healthy Eyes for Life serves patients from Utah's Salt Lake County -  schedule an appointment today. If you have a moment, please give us your feedback about our site and your experiences with our Practice.


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