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Eyeglasses FAQ’s

109086143nWhy do some frames cause a reaction on my skin ?

109086143nI see fine, why do I need to see an Eye Doctor ?

109086143nHow do I know if I need bifocals ?

109086143nHow can I stop glare at night or at a computer ?

109086143nWhat is the secret to getting glasses that look great on me ?

109086143nDo sunglasses really help to keep my eyes healthy?

109086143nHow often should I get a new pair of glasses ?

109086143nAre the lenses that change colors OK for sunglasses ?

109086143nWhy are my lenses so thick ?

109086143nCan the thick lenses be made thinner ?

109086143nCan I use no-line bifocals with fashionably smaller frames ?

109086143nCan sunglasses help night vision ?

109086143nWhat are all those numbers for my prescription ?

109086143nWhat is Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light ?

109086143n Do I need an optometrist and or an ophthalmologist ?

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